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Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH, Automotive Cluster (AC)

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The Automotive-Cluster (AC) of the Business Upper Austria agency is a cross-industry network for the automotive sector. We initiate, promote and coordinate successful cooperation between companies. As a hub connecting member companies, research institutes and decision-makers we are also committed to raising the international profile of Upper Austria as a centre of the automotive industry.

Hafenstraße 47-51

Dipl. Ing. Florian Danmayr, MA
Cluster Manager


For private sector:

  • business modeling, lego serious play workshops, design thinking workshops, AD testtrack, Startup collaboration

For public sector:

  • business modeling, lego serious play workshops, design thinking workshops, AD testtrack

Equipment / infrastructure

Together with our national and international partners, we provide know-how and test infrastructure and support the testing, validation, research and implementation of autonomous commercial and transport vehicles and their various applications in modern transport systems. The focus is on automated and autonomous vehicles and mobility systems in the field of municipal services, logistics and heavy goods traffic.

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Best practices / case studies of cooperation

AD testtrack

  • AWARD is paving the way for the roll-out of driverless transportation, whatever the weather conditions are. It will deploy safe and efficient connected and automated heavy-duty vehicles in real-life logistics operations.

Startup collaboration

  • (Traditional) companies are often faced with the problem or challenge of putting their analog or established business models and products on the "digital transformation test bench" in the shortest possible time in order to rethink them and benefit from current technological and visionary opportunities from the "world of digitization" in order to derive new business models, services or products. One possible approach is the implementation of a Multi-Corporate Innovation (MCI) Challenge: i.e. through a controlled "open innovation" approach, the company comes up with completely new - never thought of before - and valid business cases in the shortest possible time. 


automotive industry, zero emission, sustainability, autonomous driving, operational excellence, smart mobility, special and commercial vehicle industriy, testtrack, automotive training