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The Building Innovation Cluster (BIC) is a cross-industry network to strengthen the innovative power and competitiveness of companies. The BIC is active in the areas of architecture and design, construction and related trades as well as furniture and timber construction. All companies, training and further education institutions and research facilities in Upper Austria whose activities and services are related to buildings and facilities benefit from this network.

Hafenstraße 47-51

Erich Gaffal
Cluster Manager


For private sector & public sector:

Initiation of project groups for knowledge transfer, exchange of experience, sustainable cooperation at strategic and operational (cross-sector) project level, involving the target groups from the entire construction value-added network.

  • Gathering and processing information relevant to your industry
  • Press and public relations work
  • Knowledge transfer through the organization of events, seminars and workshops
  • Needs-oriented qualification and training with specific courses and training
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Cooperation projects
  • Sales and internationalization activities

Core topics:

  • New technologies for manufacturers and performers
  • New processes for planners and operators
  • New constructions and Materials4Future
  • New uses for wood

Equipment / infrastructure

Basic overview of the technology background, equipment and infrastructure available: Department for cluster and cooperation efforts – our service for SME (YouTube).

Best practices / case studies of cooperation

  • Application of open innovation formats, various CANVAS methods for product, project or service development, design thinking and LSP - Lego Serious Play (certified facilitator)
  • Sustainable network partner, e.g. EDM
  • Experienced project developer and partner for various European funding programs, e.g. Interreg (transregional, Central Europe, Alpine Space and Danube Transnational), Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

Development of cooperative measures such as study trips, trade fairs and awards.


Mediator, networker, cross-industry, cooperation projects, open innovation, Lego Serious Play – LSP, European cooperation projects