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The Mechatronics Cluster (MC) is a supra-branch network for the support of innovative strengths and international competitiveness of companies in the mechanical engineering and plant building sector. Owners are the Business Upper Austria - OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH and ecoplus. Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH.

Hafenstraße 47-51

Mag. Elmar Paireder
Cluster Manager


Digital Check

Equipment / infrastructure

The term “fourth Industrial Revolution” was first coined in German-speaking countries approximately four years ago. An initial picture of how Industry 4.0 could look like was drawn up following many discussions with experts from home and abroad.

Upper Austria businesses were questioned as part of a large-scale survey in order to paint a clearer picture for us (2,623 addresses were written to with a response rate of 25%).

An increase in flexibility, improved resource efficiency, more customised production or more rapid development of innovations were identified, among other things, as areas of potential. On the contrary, however, there are also challenges to be faced, such as different IT systems, high investment costs or lack of qualifications.

As to the question of what support companies require most urgently, an absolute majority of participants responded with the following answer: “Identification of possible uses and support with regard to implementation”.  

The model is used to identify the Industry 4.0 maturity of a company using a standardised process.

The ACTUAL status is determined during the course of a maturity survey. Potential improvements and a TARGET maturity are then derived for the company based on the ACTUAL status and corporate strategy. The results from the ACTUAL & TARGET positions are incorporated into an anonymised benchmark database. This database is used both for the documentation of tests as well as for benchmarks whereby your own company can then be compared with other market participants in an anonymised manner. The I4.0 maturity model will be used by consultancy firms and companies following completion of training. Broad use of the model by trained consultants and companies results in a data volume & diversity with which benchmark analyses can be performed.

The evaluation takes place in 3 dimensions:

  • Data Management
  • Smart Factory
  • Digital Transformation

24 sub-criteria will be evaluated, based on a scale form 0-10. Reference tables provide assistance for the assessment. A benchmark database on Industry 4.0 will be built up through evaluations!

Best practices / case studies of cooperation

Peter Heise, Deputy Head of Quality Assurance, KOWE CNC GmbH

„Through the „Digital Check – Starter Kit“ we were able to work out a concrete use case in a practical way in the company. By looking at a process together with an expert, I had the opportunity to observe hin in his methodology and thus take away a lot for future surveys / current status observations. The heat map in particular provides clarity for the definition of measures.“

Daniel Plankensteiner, Managing Director, Plankensteiner Holzbau GmbH

„The results of the Digital Check give companies a new perspective on their operations. Enriched with basic considerations on product and market as well as the elaboration of improvement measures, the Digital Check offers the basis for the formulation of a digital strategy. In addition, the implementation of the Digital Check is excellently suited for further utilisation in funding applications related to digitalisation projects.“


Digital maturity, data management, smart factory, digital transformation, Industry 4.0