University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Wels

Center of Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition

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The Center of Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition (CoE LTE) focuses on bioactive compounds and the formulation of functional food and feed products. Therefore, various in vitro and in vivo test systems are implemented to unravel the mode of action of the compounds on a molecular and cellular level. Another topic is food quality control through various measuring procedures. In addition to basic research, we stand together with innovative partners from industry for the development of functional foods, phytogenic feed additives and highly effective natural pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals.

Roseggerstraße 15

FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Julian Weghuber
+43 5 0804 44403


  • Wet-lab chemistry labs including standard instruments for chemical-analytical, biochemical, biomolecular, microbiological and cell biological experiments
  • Microscopy lab with two TIR-fluorescence microscopes, well-plate reader and UV-illumination System
  • Cell-culture labs including large pool of various mammalian cell-lines
  • S2 lab certified for for work with genetically modified living microorganisms (GVO)
  • Microbiological lab
  • Drosophila lab
  • Food lab
  • Fermentation lab
  • Bakery lab including sensory room
  • Brewery

For detailed laboratory infrastructure see Infrastructure - FH OOE

Best practices / case studies of cooperation

For best practices, projects and publications see Center of Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition — University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria


Bioanalytics, cell culture, clinical trials, genomics, in-vitro, in-vivo, in-ovo and in-silico test systems, microbiology, microscopy, proteomics, natural active componds, functional foods, phytochemicals