UAR - Upper Austrian Research Ltd.

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Upper Austrian Research Ltd. (UAR) is the leading organization for non-university research oft he federal province of Upper Austria and a key player in the research, technology and innovation policy. With ist associated companies UAR promotes innovative solutions at the crossroads where fundamental research meets applied research and provides access to top-quality R&D capacities.

Hafenstraße 47-51

Bernhard Tippelreither
0043 732 9015 5652


For private sector:

Beside the services our member and partner can contribute, the Upper Austrian Research as the leading organization for non-university research can offer:

  • Finding the right partner for your project within our UAR Innovation Network
  • Contact Point for the COMET funding programme in Upper Austria

For public sector:

  • In- and outgoing visits to exchange information regarding the Innovation Ecosystem and capabilities of Upper Austria
  • Finding the right partner for your project within our UAR Innovation Network
  • We welcome all enquiries regarding the Innovation Ecosystem in Upper Austria

Equipment / infrastructure

Upper Austrian Research with its associated companies offers a wide range of equipment and infrastructure in the fields of smart systems, digital technologies and sustainable materials.

Best practices / case studies of cooperation

SCCH – Software competence Center Hagenberg:

Human-AI Teaming Platform for Maintaining and Evolving AI Systems in Manufacturing (TEAMING.AI)

  • The EU-funded TEAMING.AI project aims to achieve a breakthrough in smart manufacturing. By introducing a new teaming framework for humans and AI, manufacturing processes will be optimised: The greatest strengths of the two elements can thus be maximised, while safety guidelines and ethical requirements are checked and adhered to.

RISC Software:

  • Research Project MEDUSA: The goal of the MEDUSA consortium is to develop a revolutionary training and planning platform for neurosurgeons to simulate complex brain interventions in a detailed and holistic manner.

RECENDT - Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH:

  • Spatially resolved spectroscopy

Do you want to know the exact local distribution (in micrometer range) of your chemical components? With Mid-Infrared-Microscopy we can chemically characterize and measure materials and cross-sections (e.g. residues or inclusions) with a spatial resolution as small as 5 µm.


Robotics / human-machine, Cyber-physical systems, Efficient production processes, Mechatronics, Assistance systems, Process optimisation, Simulation methods, Digital twin, Electrical & hydraulic drive systems, Software and data quality, Big data management, Image data processing & analysis, Artificial intelligence, Secure systems, VR/AR technologies, Sensors – signal processing, Radar technologies, Power electronics, Renewables, Circular economy & sustainability, Plastics & recycling, Light and heavy metals, Lightweight construction / CFRP materials, Joints, Non-destructive testing methods, Additive fabrication, Functional materials