Faculty of Management - University of Economics in Prague

Fakulta managementu - Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

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The Faculty of Management is one of the six faculties of the University of Economics (VŠE). It is located in Jindřichův Hradec. It offers a Bachelor and Master academically oriented study programme in Management and a Bachelor professionally oriented study programme in Process Management. It also offers a doctoral degree programme and provides a number of courses within the framework of lifelong learning or specific courses for the professional sphere. The scientific and research activities of the faculty are mainly focused on the development and application of those disciplines that support managerial activity and especially managerial decision-making. Thematic scientific research activities include e.g. strategic management, organisational behaviour, marketing and consumer behaviour, healthcare management, methods of supporting managerial decision-making, valuation, etc.

Jarošovská 1117/II
Jindřichův Hradec
377 01

doc. Ing. Tomáš Kincl, Ph.D.
Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies
+420 384 417 154


Services for private sector:

  • The Faculty of Management of the University of Economics offers consultancy in the following areas: management of organisational processes, strategic marketing, organisation planning and decision-making, management of transport and logistics systems, asset valuation and the use of MS Office. It also provides services in the form of data collection and subsequent processing. For the private sector, the company provides mystery shopping, market analysis, economic modelling and evaluation of organisations' activities.

Services for the public sector:

  • The Faculty of Management offers consultancy in the following areas: regional development and management of cities and municipalities, management and modelling of organisational processes, strategic planning and decision-making of public sector organisations, professional education and retraining, and data collection and subsequent analysis.

Equipment / infrastructure

The Faculty of Management is a scientific research institute with appropriate equipment. It is located in a modern building in the centre of Jindřichův Hradec. The technical equipment provides full service for excellent educational and scientific activities. In addition to classrooms, a library and spaces for social events, the faculty has, for example, a marketing laboratory that enables research on consumer behaviour in real conditions (eye-tracking).

Best practices / case studies of cooperation

dm drogerie markt s.r.o.

  • Mystery shopping.
  • Collaboration on the concept of diversity in the organization.


  • e-mobility - exploration of possible locations for the placement of dobs. stations.

South Bohemia Tourism Centre

  • Analysis of the strategic plan, development of the strategic plan.

City of Jindřichův Hradec

  • Collaboration on the town planning study; data collection and evaluation.

TAČR Ambica

  • Project focused on the creation of automatic monitoring of selected business processes based on available data from the organization's information sources.


consultancy in management, marketing and other areas, marketing laboratory, surveys and investigations, data analysis and interpretation